staying at amazing hotels..

In the past 5 nights I have stayed at 2 different hotels and LOVED both of them.

high tea at The Haymarket

On Saturday my darling friend Collette and I stayed at The Haymarket hotel for a girl-fest weekend and treat for Col’s impending wedding (!). That had to be right up there with the best hotel I have ever set foot in let alone stayed in. The service, the interiors, the immaculate details, the lower ground floor swimming pool, the room service (my GOD the room service), the bathroom products, the high tea, the conservatory, the ‘honesty bar’, the boiled eggs with soldiers (“how many minutes would you like your egg boiled for, madam?” – “uhhh, I don’t know”), the chairs that come alive at night.. We really had a great time. I will have to do more of this firmdale business at any opportunity..

Monday afternoon saw me eurostarring my way to Paris to meet my man (luckily I did have time to take a fast train — only he and the reverend will understand this) for two wonderful nights of love and romance in the prettiest city imaginable. Paris gets me every time.

le tour eiffel from my crackberry

We stayed at Hotel Sezz in the 16th. An area I hadn’t ventured in to before (aside from to eat at cafe de l’homme at trocadero, or to visit the treasure trove of all vintage designer couture at reciproque) but had heard good things of the hotel and it was close to my darling’s work meetings so we did it. And it was great. We did our usual routine of long dinner followed by cocktails til the early hours at our favourite little Parisian watering hole, bar hemingway at The Ritz, followed by sore heads and tired eyes but, as always, it was worth it.


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