finding perfect art for my (future) perfect home..

I really have an odd sensibility when it comes to art that I am drawn to. From velvet tapestries of horse heads to photographs of airplanes upon descent and utopian aboriginal art paintings I really never know where the next piece will come from..

John Jaxheimer - Luna Pool, Luna Farm, Sagaponack, NY 2007

upon logging on to gmail this morning I saw the latest auto newsletter (love that site, amazingly curated pieces and all over the Missoni Home range) and some american photography whacked me in the face.. John Jaxheimer, truly excellent summertime Hamptons beach house contemporary photography… His photographs capture the beauty of simplicity and look great on a large scale.

That piece would look brilliant in a poolhouse. Oh to have a poolhouse.. Oh to have a house full stop, really.

I mean I have one, I am not without home, I just don’t have one that I can make the ultimate as yet.. but I am practising daily.


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