formula one (grand prix not dodgy accor group hotel chain)

It began in April 2008. My appreciation of Formula 1, that is. Before this I had secretly turned up my nose at anyone who sat in front of a television watching the cars go round and round on Sunday afternoon for what seemed like ever. Now – different story. I love it. The trickery, the terminology, the egos, the inevitability of the early crashes, the fact that we seem to think that is acceptable!

Anyway, strolling through Portobello last weekend we came across a gorgeous old chap selling what looked like 300,000 different grand prix photographs dating back to whenever the hell it started. There was one that I just knew had to be mine; a photo from the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix. The guy told us the whole story of Ascari famously crashing in to the sea, only to resurface from the sunken car a minute later with just a “cut nose and the shakes”. None of this really means anything to me as I am no aficionado (I barely understand the rules) but I did you tube it, and it is very interesting:

sad postcript: ascari died in a fatal crash 4 days after this.


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