stirring pieces of music

1. La Marseillaise (French National Anthem). Sounds so beautiful, very moving, but really quite disturbing if you understand the meaning (lots of blood being spilled, talk of motherland, warriors, tyrants and throat cutting).. A brilliant moment for me this year was seeing a bunch of french friends rise up impromptu after a boozy dinner to belt out the anthem as one, hands on hearts and full voices/solemn faces. Marchons! Marchons! indeed.

2. Nina Simone – Another Spring. The refrain.. the change in seasons.. Nina’s voice. This really resonates with my love of summertime and that hopeful feeling as the days start to get longer and another spring finally arrives.. “things are bloomin’, birds are singin’, and suddenly I ain’t sad, ain’t sad no more..”

3. Destiny’s Child – Girl. I am fortunate to have the BEST group of girlfriends. I appreciate them every day but this song just reinforces for me the bond that we have. True friendships like these are so precious. I love every one of you.

4. Phoenix – Too Young. Makes me move like a total spaz. The slap-n-clap takes full effect and if you don’t want to get hit then you need to get out of the way.

5. Augie March – One Crowded Hour / the whole ‘Strange Bird’ record. There is something ethereal or almost biblical (!) about their songs; the lyrics are spookily beautiful and the songs get in to your bones. I love this band.


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