2 new things

wow – 2 great finds today (well there were more but I am tired..)

1. You Are Beautiful

You Are Beautiful - online gallery

This is just my kind of thing. I do this stuff all the time to relay messages, cards, emails, etc. I once took a sign to a party saying “we miss you” and took snaps of a bunch of friends holding it and then sent them to a friend who had moved overseas. Simple yet so very effective. I am sure you could just photoshop it in but it’s not the same. It’s the effort, retard.

Check out the very cool installations in the You Are Beautiful gallery online..

2. Can you believe I have forgotten the second thing! what a doofus. Oh no, wait, it came back to me.. the School of Life institute (if that’s what you should indeed call it). I haven’t had a chance to browse the whole site yet but I am very excited as it is a new philosophy school (collective maybe?) based in London and offers really interesting talks/courses/holidays (!)/meals.. The faculty are diverse and all very accomplished. I came across it when trying to track down the name of Alain de Botton’s first book only to find he is doing a talk for School of Life here in London later this year (he is also hosting a 2 day holiday to – wait for it – Heathrow Airport!). Unfortunately¬† I will be in Perth so will miss out, but will certainly get involved in some other way when I can. What a novel idea.

You Are Beautiful – online gallery

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