today’s purchase – forget me knot ring


I first saw this ring a couple of years ago on a design blog and really fell in love with it instantly. I have seen recent pictures of a celebrity (can’t quite recall but I think Naomi Watts) wearing it which sparked my memory of its existence, which translated promptly into forceful lust, and so today I bought it from the MoMA store online.  Awesome. And with the USD to GBP exchange rate, even awesomer. And I could even buy it in silver (not my normal gold style business) as it matches my new watch. The stars have aligned. Or have they


Kiel Mead's forget me knot ring

Kiel Mead

 This blog has purely become a record of invoices for my frequent online shopfests.


One thought on “today’s purchase – forget me knot ring

  1. I think it was Michelle Williams who has one. If Naomi Watts has one that is news to me. but cool! Other people of note who have them… Katie Couric, Rose McGowan, Parker Posey, I made a custom one for Dakota Fanning too.

    thanks for the post!


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