the first supper

Our flat (so British) threw it’s very first dinner party last Thursday night. I have to say, it was quite the event and, I think, quite sucessful.. I was inspired by the Ottolenghi cookbook methodology, which was basically to have friends around every weekend and trial recipes on them. We plan to make it a monthly event, hence the blog for recording purposes.

The Menu

button mushrooms with honey & gorgonzola

the mushrooms

pumpkin soup
(with a few hints of ginger)

a massive rare roast beef
shitake mushrooms & green beans
roasted onions & parsnips
dandelion salad

a selection of la fromagerie brownies,
freshly baked madeleines with lemon curd & lavender cream,
and Primrose Hill Bakery cupcakes

the dessert selection

port, celebrity heads

What a fantastic night.. I think in terms of effort it was around 60/10/10 (planning & shopping/cooking/hosting). Seriously, we planned the heck out of that dinner party.. Running sheet, anyone? Here’s a little snap of the table.. not the best picture due to the grossly annoying lighting situation in the dining room (soon to be rectified by a man who I cannot understand), but observe and admire the luxury advertising wrapping on the gifts. (Note to the fellow obsessors: only InStyle pages are big enough to wrap dvds. Now you know.)


our table (poorly lit)


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