Jamaica: jamaican me…. broke (but happy)

Clare and I conquer the world from this loungeroom, I swear. Our latest achievement? Jamaica. March. Sunshine and beaches, roll top bathtubs on private decks, sea views, tropical drinks, expensive transfers, and the best coffee in the world (apparently. I would be surprised if any surpassed Bond Store in Melbourne.)

I have amazed myself with what little knowledge resides in my brain about this country. Word association: bob marley, rastafarians, rum, pineapples, danger. That is literally all I have. Pa-thet-ic. I need a history lesson.

Anyway, my ignorance aside. The overwhelming choice of amazing villas is starting to hurt so a decision must be made. How about…. this?

Round Hill Hotel & Villas in Montego Bay – they got me with the pineapple logo and the BHH-style cursive font.And then they really got me with the Calvin Klein Home furniture and interiors and the double edge infinity pool (whatever that means). And then they practically opened my purse and stole my money with their Meg Braff designed villa number eight.

Wow. In two short months that will be reality. Pre-trip inspiration? Has to be rum-n-pineapples and the movie filmed in Montego Bay, ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’, right?

pics: Coastal Living Magazine via Elements of Style blog


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