running and cooking (part one: running)

two things I committed (to myself, and to anyone that might listen) to start doing once I turned 30, which recently happened. And so it began.

First, the running accoutrements:

Nike Jana Star Waffle III

haruki murakami – what I talk about when I talk about running

And then, the actual running. Could there be a better time to commence than when on a (n almost) round-world ‘turning 30’ holiday with my little sis who just so happens to be a big-time runner? I think not. It began in New York, early one jet-lagged morning with a brisk walk from the Waldorf to Central Park and an ensuing “run” of approximately six minutes. Man, was I unfit. But everyone has to start somewhere, right. And so I continued; running in Washington around the monuments (see below), in Hawaii along Diamond Head beach, in the beautiful Runyon Canyon in LA, along the beach at Mira Flores in Lima, and finally around the Botanical Gardens in Madrid. As someone who travels a lot as part of the way I work, I wonder why I did not start this caper many years ago. You see cities in an entirely new (and quiet) way. By now (5 weeks on) I am running 20+ minutes with no trouble and am starting to have designs on the New York City Marathon…

Lincoln Memorial. Early in the AM.

lighthouse in Mira Flores, Lima


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