new obsessions: lobster print & bill maher

nothing I can really think of that links these two new obsessions, aside of course from the fact that I am obsessed with each of them.

Bill Maher.

Bill Maher might just be like a god to me; he is staunchly and unapologisingly democrat, he is very politically incorrect, he is whip-smart, and on his amazing weekly HBO television show Real Time With Bill Maher he manages to secure at least one dopey republican to play his patsy. I cannot for the life of me understand why they would agree to appear on his show. It has just wrapped for the season but you can check out some of the highlights — particularly his ‘New Rules’ segment.

Check him out:  an oldie but a goodie, his musing on Palin’s nomination for VP candidate..

He also blogs and tweets.

Lobster print.

It started with Kate Spade (many obsessions do)..

first, her lobster print invites.

and then, the lobster print tote bag from the Cape Cod range (sadly discontinued but available on eBay US)

and then I found this David Szeto silk top..

and then I realised it was getting ridiculous and that I had to stop.


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