documenting our wedding plans…

Alexander had the great idea to document the process of planning for our wedding. I can still hardly believe I am saying these words… I guess the place to start is the proposal?

Last weekend, at the most beautiful Tuscan estate (L’Andana), Alex proposed to me at dinner with a bunch of white roses and a bottle of Dom Perignon at this table…

after we had made our own pasta with one of the chefs (L’Andana is owned by Alain Ducasse and has a michelin starred restaurant, so it was fairly good pasta)…

We spent the most amazing weekend; sailing to Elba, horseriding through Maremma, having massages, walking through the beautiful property, eating like princes, and lazing in the sun. L’Andana, we will be back. Every year on 15 July.


2 thoughts on “documenting our wedding plans…

  1. Hi Kate, I stumbled across your blog by chance and was delighted as I am getting married in Borgo Della Marmotta this summer. Congratulations on your wedding, I cannot believe how beautiful it looks, I hope you had a wonderful wedding day because everything about it looks stunning! Just wanted to let you know, as finding your blog made my day! Thank you for sharing. jess x

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