The Hamptons

I cannot believe it took me 31 years to make it to the Hamptons. It feels like my spiritual home – and I visited in the middle of winter! It has me dreaming of our own beautiful beach house, complete with open fire and swimming pool. The Hamptons probably wouldn’t make sense given we live in Switzerland, but my god it is heaven on earth…

The House — we had the amazingly good fortune of being able to stay in this incredible house in East Hampton designed by Berg Design Architects

The Food — we ate lunch at Page, 63 Main Street Sag Harbour and dinner at Nick & Toni’s in East Hampton

The Shopping — scored incredible antiques at East Hampton Yard Sale; Vincent who runs the store was a great fount of knowledge and lots of good fun.

The Post-Trip Daydreaming — just look at Gwyneth’s incredible Amagansett home…..


One thought on “The Hamptons

  1. oooooh bad bad bad (I sould be learning…)…. I love your blog!!!!
    Hope your not too home sick in Switzerland, I’m there too, but can’t wait moving somewhere else and discovering lovely other places just like that Hampton house!!

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