wedding inspiration: the ceremony

We decided to get married in Italy because that is where we got engaged, and because who doesn’t want to go to an Italian wedding?

Within days of our engagement (Virgo), and hours of wedding blog madness, we found the lovely Clara from Chic Weddings in Italy and she helped us navigate the myriad venue options in Tuscany and Umbria until we found our perfect venue, Borgo della Marmotta.

The ceremony for me is the most precious part of the day because this is where we will say our vows and make our commitment to one another. This image taken at the beautiful Castello di Vicarello is the inspiration for the ceremony set up. Simple white covered chairs and let the surroundings provide the rest of the decor:

The guests will be greeted by waiters bearing bellinis and mint lemonade:

And will be invited to take a hat:

The gorgeous archway where we will be announced to the reception, and where will host the day-after brunch:


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