charlotte olympia + the beverly hills hotel

I love it when two brands come together in an unexpected way. It is rarely done right (to wit: multitude of brands + h&m, missoni + target, lagerfeld + diet coke, list goes on), but when it is it really drives you into crazy lady have-to-have-it acquisition mode.

when I first spotted the charlotte olympia greta pump in martinique ‘banana leaf’ fabric (which is eternally and intrinsically connected to the beverly hills hotel) I simply had to have it. So I made a flying detour to the charming Charlotte Olympia boutique during a work trip to London and raced out with them after approximately 3 minutes in the store (where everyone was really lovely and super stylish; much like Charlotte Dellal herself who seems amazing).

They are last season now (SS2012) so probably difficult to track down. In any event they are somewhat difficult to actually walk in, but they look very pretty in the dressing room.

the Meredith wedge version

I really wish I’d also bought the clutch:


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