light fittings

one of my favourite parts of our recent/ongoing mini-renovation was definitely choosing the light fittings. It is one of those things that you have probably never thought about so much as once in your lifetime, and then you have to choose 10+ different fittings in a short period time. The range of options will blow your mind. If you are new to this world I highly recommend working with an expert. We worked with the incredibly talented Chelsea Hing; she’s ace. So, what did we go for…



the Rough Diamond pendant by local Melbourne designer Jonathan Ben-Tovim, in copper, for the living room



our electrician made a gorgeous cluster of 3x Lee Broom Crystal Bulbs and 1x Lee Broom Crystal Decanter which is hung low over our dining table. LOVE Lee Broom.



2x Gubi Semi Pendants in anthracite, hung over our kitchen table.



vintage Sciolari chandelier purchased from our favourite antique seller, Okay Art. For the entry.



2x Rothschild & Bickers Spindle lights for our landings. In blue.


Grand_TrianonArtecnica Grand Trianon pendant for master bedroom. Stunning.


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