Insalata di Faro

We are just back from our amazing holiday to Umbria, London and New York. One of the highlights of our trip was a cooking class at our favourite hotel, Borgo Della Marmotta in Umbria.


We learned to make the delicious local dish, insalata di faro


2 courgettes
1 carrot
1 brown onion
Grated parmigiano
Olive oil
Fresh basil


Boil faro for 20 mins with a big pinch of salt. Wash with cold water

Chop 2 long courgettes – green part into small cubes and white part into big cubes. Chop 1 carrot and half an onion into small cubes.

Fry onion and white of courgette with quite a lot of olive oil. After 5 mins add some of the boiling salted water. After 10 minutes add 2 tbsp grated parmigiano.

In a separate pan, put 2 tbsp oil, half onion and carrot on low heat and cover, after 3-4 minutes add the courgette green, stir and cover.

Add the fried onion, carrot, courgette and some fresh basil to the faro and mix.

Use a barmix to mash up the white sauce (courgette whites from the stove). Add 1/3  of the white cream to the faro and mix. Serve!



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