Flowers by Mark Colle — Baltimore Bloemen, Antwerp

Have you ever seen anything as exquisite as the floral creations by Mark Colle for Dior? Raf Simons has the most impeccable taste, and this is further proof.







Brooks Atwood

Brooks is awesome – and his wife Estelle is super super lovely and amazing. Go check out Brooks’ designs via his practice, Pod Design. And then vote for him on HGTV Star. He needs to have his own show.


Brooks and Estelle checking out the Minna Gilligan ‘Feel Flows’ opening at Daine Singer

art and decorative accents

now that the bulk of the work in the house is done it is time to decorate and place the art. The fun part! I am considering placing a mirrored plinth on the staircase landing to host this Tracy Sarroff scuplture I am also thinking of purchasing. A lot of “thinking” going on, I don’t actually know if it will translate to “buying” at this stage, but let’s see.



The other idea I have right now is to have an acrylic box made to display my beautiful Alaia wedding shoes in my dressing room. I doubt I will ever wear them again yet they are so beautiful they deserve to be seen and loved. I got the idea from Kit Kemp’s gorgeous book ‘A Living Space’ (bad iPhone photo version below), and the talented Ryan from United Measures is the go-to guy to actually get the acrylic case made.

Alaias kit kemp shoes