a little dinner party: menu

we are throwing a little dinner party this weekend – the first one I have ever actually cooked for! Planning the menu has been so much fun; this is where I am at right now…

burrata with garlic toast
stuffed portobello with melting taleggio

roast chicken with sumac, za’atar and lemon
chargrilled broccoli with chilli and garlic

madeleines with lemon curd

burrata and madeleines inspired by Cumulus Inc & The Builders Arms Hotel, burrata from La Latteria

macarons from macarons by josephine (image below)

the other dishes straight from the Ottolenghi books (portobello image below)




now, where to find za’atar?

art and decorative accents

now that the bulk of the work in the house is done it is time to decorate and place the art. The fun part! I am considering placing a mirrored plinth on the staircase landing to host this Tracy Sarroff scuplture I am also thinking of purchasing. A lot of “thinking” going on, I don’t actually know if it will translate to “buying” at this stage, but let’s see.



The other idea I have right now is to have an acrylic box made to display my beautiful Alaia wedding shoes in my dressing room. I doubt I will ever wear them again yet they are so beautiful they deserve to be seen and loved. I got the idea from Kit Kemp’s gorgeous book ‘A Living Space’ (bad iPhone photo version below), and the talented Ryan from United Measures is the go-to guy to actually get the acrylic case made.

Alaias kit kemp shoes

the oscars

I love this time of year. Makes me think of this amazing photograph of Faye Dunaway taken by Terry O’Neill the morning after she won the Best Actress Oscar in 1976 for Network. Also makes me VERY excited for my upcoming trip to LA, now wishing I was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel…


light fittings

one of my favourite parts of our recent/ongoing mini-renovation was definitely choosing the light fittings. It is one of those things that you have probably never thought about so much as once in your lifetime, and then you have to choose 10+ different fittings in a short period time. The range of options will blow your mind. If you are new to this world I highly recommend working with an expert. We worked with the incredibly talented Chelsea Hing; she’s ace. So, what did we go for…



the Rough Diamond pendant by local Melbourne designer Jonathan Ben-Tovim, in copper, for the living room



our electrician made a gorgeous cluster of 3x Lee Broom Crystal Bulbs and 1x Lee Broom Crystal Decanter which is hung low over our dining table. LOVE Lee Broom.



2x Gubi Semi Pendants in anthracite, hung over our kitchen table.



vintage Sciolari chandelier purchased from our favourite antique seller, Okay Art. For the entry.



2x Rothschild & Bickers Spindle lights for our landings. In blue.


Grand_TrianonArtecnica Grand Trianon pendant for master bedroom. Stunning.


Alex and I have fallen completely in love with the coastal town of Flinders which is on the mornington peninsula in Victoria, just over an hour’s drive from Melbourne. Totally do-able as a weekend beach retreat and quickly elevated to the next project on my list (once I have secured gainful, and lucrative, employment).


photo by me. amazing graphics via my current favourite iPhone app Over