LA sourcing / planning trip

Well, with the house mini-renovation nearing completion it must surely be time for the next project? Am thinking a quick sojourn to LA to achieve two things: finalise business plan and investor strategy for killer business idea with my friend and partner in crime, C. And source remaining items for the house plus potentially some other items not for the house, but for business idea #2. So, where to go? what to do? …

Stay: here, ideally, but given the trip will likely coincide with Oscar Week it might be tough.


So, here is a good enough fallback.


Shop: everywhere. LA is a bit of an interior design and style mecca. If I really have to boil it down I’ll be hitting up…

The font of all design knowlege and arbiter of taste, Heather from Habitually Chic is just back from a design trip to LA which she blogged about.



charlotte olympia + the beverly hills hotel

I love it when two brands come together in an unexpected way. It is rarely done right (to wit: multitude of brands + h&m, missoni + target, lagerfeld + diet coke, list goes on), but when it is it really drives you into crazy lady have-to-have-it acquisition mode.

when I first spotted the charlotte olympia greta pump in martinique ‘banana leaf’ fabric (which is eternally and intrinsically connected to the beverly hills hotel) I simply had to have it. So I made a flying detour to the charming Charlotte Olympia boutique during a work trip to London and raced out with them after approximately 3 minutes in the store (where everyone was really lovely and super stylish; much like Charlotte Dellal herself who seems amazing).

They are last season now (SS2012) so probably difficult to track down. In any event they are somewhat difficult to actually walk in, but they look very pretty in the dressing room.

the Meredith wedge version

I really wish I’d also bought the clutch:

home design inspiration: david collins

These beautiful interiors of The Apartment at The Connaught in London, designed by David Collins, are providing major inspiration for our new house. The suite houses specially commissioned artworks, a library of twentieth century novels, art history books and “some rare volumes”, ceramic vessels and black-and-white photography, tastefully scattered against a backdrop of palatial white, lavender and heathery blues. (via)