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the next chapter

we have made the big decision to move from Zurich back to Melbourne… post-wedding I definitely need a new project, and what could make for a better project than moving in to our new home?

it is – without doubt – beautiful. But, it really needs some sprucing, no? And that is precisely where I come in.

However, I will defer to the genius of Albert Hadley on this one:

wedding inspiration: the ceremony

We decided to get married in Italy because that is where we got engaged, and because who doesn’t want to go to an Italian wedding?

Within days of our engagement (Virgo), and hours of wedding blog madness, we found the lovely Clara from Chic Weddings in Italy and she helped us navigate the myriad venue options in Tuscany and Umbria until we found our perfect venue, Borgo della Marmotta.

The ceremony for me is the most precious part of the day because this is where we will say our vows and make our commitment to one another. This image taken at the beautiful Castello di Vicarello is the inspiration for the ceremony set up. Simple white covered chairs and let the surroundings provide the rest of the decor:

The guests will be greeted by waiters bearing bellinis and mint lemonade:

And will be invited to take a hat:

The gorgeous archway where we will be announced to the reception, and where will host the day-after brunch:

wedding inspiration: guestbook

Instead of standard guestbook, we have decided to use the gorgeous Proust Questionnaire by Assouline.

Leather bound and printed on beautiful vellum paper with silver foil edges. Marcel Proust’s Questionnaire is one of the best-known interview devices and reveals much of the personality of those questioned. It comes with blank questionnaires for our guests to complete – it will take a bit longer than a standard guestbook entry, but given many of our guests will be staying for three nights I think they can manage. Plus, amazing conversation starter and free psychoanalysis. What wedding would not benefit from that?

wedding inspiration: table decoration

wedding mania has actually taken over my brain. how can one person be so obsessed with a precise napkin colour? how can a decision to underplate or not to underplate consume so much mental capacity? how can one get irrationally upset to find out that the bentwood chair is tan and not chocolate brown? Yikes. and there are still three months to go.

The inspiration:
(images via 1. Kate Moss wedding table, British Vogue, 2. once.daily.chic, 3. everythingfab)